Fixture Group:

Division 1


Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue
03/09/14 08:00 PM Blue Peter Railway Inn C Blue Peter
03/09/14 08:00 PM The Corner Pocket Crown Hotel Corner Pocket
03/09/14 08:00 PM The Ruddicot Royal Flyers The Ruddicot
10/09/14 08:00 PM Crown Hotel The Ruddicot Crown Hotel
10/09/14 08:00 PM Railway Inn B The Corner Pocket Railway Inn
10/09/14 08:00 PM Royal Flyers Blue Peter Royal Hotel
17/09/14 08:00 PM Blue Peter Crown Hotel Blue Peter
17/09/14 08:00 PM Railway Inn C Royal Flyers Railway Inn
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Winner Taylor hungry for more

Part: MVG needs patience

Rod: One of Taylor's biggest

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